• Piratemania 9 Race Tags 2016


Piratemania 9 Race Tags 2

Belay me hearties we bring you golden bounty in the form of a Pirates only grand adventuaaarrr!  

Only true Pirates and those with a blavked hearte will be allowed to enter…

Simple purchase one of our special race tags…and step aborde as Pirate crew

But be ye aware you scurvy dogs there be some rules to this game.. they’re been no parle so if you be caught cheating like the blacked dogs we know you are a Pirates cyurse be on you and you kin.

Best get you Pirates Race TB NOW before the revenue catches us

You will need to activate your own TB before placement, which does not need to be at PM 6.

Full Race rules will be revealed shorty but we’ll give you chance to purchase 1st 

If you wish to have these items posted please select - No post them to me Scurry dogs (+£1.50)

You may copy and paste this for your Travel parchment

Racing Travel Bug

Trying to get the most mileage covered

From Mega Piratemania 9 to 10 in July 2017

No Cache “dipping” please move me once as far a possible

Trackable at Geocaching.com. Thank you

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Piratemania 9 Race Tags 2016

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